Graduate Students

Camille McAvoy (2012-2016) - currently a graduate researcher in the Rees Lab at Caltech

Meera Rao (2010-2016) - currently a Life Science Consultant at Putnam Associates

David Akopian (2008-2014) - currently a postdoctoral fellow in Rape Lab at University of California at Berkeley

Aileen Ariosa (2008-2014) - currently a postdoctoral fellow in Klionsky Lab at University of Michigan

Michael Rome (2008-2014) - currently a Senior Analyst at Foresite Capital Management

Thang Nguyen (2007-2013) - currently a Professor of Chemistry at Mt. San Antonio College

Kuang Shen (2007-2013) - currently a postdoctoral fellow in Sabatini Lab at Whitehead Institute

Nathan Pierce (2006-2011) - currently a scientist at Amgen

Peera Jaru-Ampornpan (2006-2011) - currently a scientist in National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Pathum Thani, Thailand

Xin Zhang (2004-2010) - currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Penn State University

Postdoctoral Fellows

Fu-Cheng (George) Liang (2011-2017) - currently an Assistant Professor at Midwestern State University at Wichita Falls, Texas

Ishu Saraogi (2009-2013) - currently an Assistant Professor/Principal Investigator at IISER Bhopal, India

Dawei Zhang (2008-2012) - currently a research investigator at Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Science

Vinh Lam (2007-2011) - currently a research associate at Scripps Research Institute, Florida campus

Rumana Rashid (2006-2008) - currently a scientist at Xencor Inc.